Cheap and Unique Bridal Shower Favors


A sheet mask is one of the most straightforward and affordable bridal shower favors. This handy little item comes in 10 best-selling masks, ranging from moisturizing aloe to exfoliating charcoal. Place these in a jar on the favorite table and let your guests pick a mask to take home. Some of the best bridal shower favors are reusable, too. Sunflower favors are great because your guests can plant them and enjoy fresh flowers. Other fun bridal shower favors include bath salts containing Himalayan pink salt, lavender buds, and cornflower petals.

You can even personalize your bridal party favors if you have a themed shower. Kids party venue You can add the bride’s name or the date to the favor for extra exceptional detail. Guests will be happy to receive these items after the party. Besides being functional, they’ll also be able to use them again when the big day arrives. So don’t forget to include the date and time on your favors!

For a more sentimental favor, consider a wine stopper. Customized stoppers can include the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, and shower details. You can also purchase TicTac containers and place a label on them. If you’re on a budget, you can order a set of labels from Etsy for under $3 each. Once you’ve printed the labels, stick them on the stoppers.

A custom playing card deck is an excellent gift for the couple. Personalize each deck with the couple’s names and wedding dates. Tea party favors are another popular choice. You can add a heart-shaped tag to them. Tea favors can also be a great way to commemorate a special event. Some even include a heart-shaped tea infuser as an extra touch. So many favors can be personalized, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Lollipops are a classic bridal shower favor. If you’re going for a flirty theme, try a lollipop assortment. Choose from Chupa-Chups, clear toy candies, and tootsie pops to show your love for the bride. Or, you can choose exotic flavors. You can also give your guests heart-shaped candies, a symbol of love and romance. They’ll love to munch on these tasty treats after the bridal shower.

Whether it’s a wedding gift or a small token of appreciation, bridal shower favors make the perfect shower gift. Everyone is sure to have a great time, and personalized favors help to make these memories last a lifetime. With the help of Beau-coup, you can choose a unique favor for your special guest.