Choosing the Right Slitting Equipment


Slitting equipment is used in a variety of applications. They are helpful in the textile, plastics, paper, and printing industries. Some slitting equipment is specialized for specific types of materials. The right slitting equipment can ensure production standards. Choosing the correct machine is a crucial step for any manufacturer. It’s essential to analyze the product’s specifications and choose machines that can meet the company’s needs.

There are three basic types of slitting equipment. These include shear slitting, crush slitting, and rewind slitting. Slitting machine Each type is used for different materials and applications. Shear slitting can be used for hard or soft materials, while rewind slitting can be used for thin or thick materials. Crush slitting can be used for metals or soft plastics.

For shear slitting, the machine rolls the material onto two rotary knives, which cut through the material. A servomotor controls the blade positioning and the material tension. This provides accurate measurements essential for consistent feeding and size maintenance.

Using a rewind slitting process can help you produce narrower rolls of material. This is an effective method of cutting thin or thick plastic film. Depending on the type of material you’re working with, it can also be used to slit plastic cores and adhesive tapes. If your material is harder to slit, a shaft-less can help you save time.

Alternatively, you can use an X-ray slitting machine, an exact cutting method. Whether using an X-ray machine to slit a single roll or a series of rolls, it’s an excellent way to ensure you get the most out of your equipment. X-ray machines can reduce downtime and improve quality control by eliminating manual handling.

Another type of slitting machine is the shear knife slitting system. This type uses a pair of rotary knives that run parallel. The cutting process is similar to that of scissors but is more accurate. One of the advantages of the shear knife slitting system is that it can slit heavier materials. When the shear knife is placed in an automatic position, the blade can be adjusted accordingly, which means the system can handle a broader range of materials.

Other slitting equipment is designed to slit multiple rolls of fabric. These slitting equipment are usually referred to as heavy slitting. Achenbach HeavySlit slitting machines can slit heavy finish rolls of PP woven fabric at high speeds. In addition, Achenbach HeavySlit slitting equipment are also able to slit brass foil and more robust aluminum foil.

As for sheet metal slitting equipment, the invention provides a means for interchanging different types of equipment. The main track is a pair of parallel rails guiding the selected slitting equipment to its position. However, side tracks are moved perpendicular to the main track to align with the main track.

Once the slitting equipment is in the slitting position, they are secured with wheels on the side tracks. The rail portions of the main track can then be shifted downwardly and upwardly.