What Happens During Your Pregnancy Week By Week

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When you realize that you are pregnant, you may start planning your pregnancy week-by-week. Each day that goes by, you may have more specific questions about what a healthy pregnancy is all about.

Do you get headaches? These are things that your doctor will want to know about to make sure that your pregnancy is going smoothly and you are doing something right.

You may also want to have a chat with your OB-Gyne. He or she will know which positions may be best for your baby. A doctor may even know whether you can eat certain foods while you are pregnant. Ask your OB-Gyne about all the information he or she has about pregnancy. You may want to make sure that your doctor is aware of everything that is happening in your life to be mindful of any changes and if anything has not been explained to you before.

Your OB-Gyne may even give you advice on keeping your music playing while pregnant and where you want to put it. Some doctors might even suggest a stereo system so that your baby can hear you while he or she is sleeping.

If you are not sure what drugs your doctor recommends, speak with him or her to make an informed decision about your options. حوامل

It is always essential to stay away from alcohol as much as possible while you are pregnant, and if you are planning to have a baby, you may want to have a drink once a month instead of every day. This will make your pregnancy more comfortable. Your doctor may also suggest that you have sex at least three times during the pregnancy week by week. While it is never advisable for a pregnant woman to have sex during her entire pregnancy, she will need to keep in mind that she must keep up a healthy and active lifestyle to avoid the risks of having preterm labor or having a premature delivery.

If you follow your doctor’s recommendations, the chances are good that your pregnancy will be full of joy and fun, and you will be ready for anything that comes along if you find yourself having problems.